A Man’s Desire by Kathryn Anne Dubois

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What it’s about

Orleans, 1798
Ethan Peron requires only his pleasures – drink, women, cigars, and gambling –
to keep him content. When Ethan arranges his younger brother’s marriage, he is
disturbed to find himself increasingly attracted to Kathleen Gallagher, his new

Karla’s Review
4 Stars! This book is HOT!! Have the misting fan ready!

Curiosity got the best of me, and after reading an informative review
for A Man’s Desire, I settled in and prepared to get my reading
glasses steamed up…oh, they steamed up alright, and nearly burst into flames! There is a lot of depravity, voyeurism, and wicked ways of the
flesh that takes place in this book. But, you know what? There’s also a pretty
decent story, with some twists that I won’t say I didn’t see coming, but they
definitely added extra layers to the read, and created quite the quandary for
the characters.

On top of that, the heroine is no push over and I love her
dogged determination, she was a strong woman with a big heart. As much as the
hero would like you to believe he’s good for nothing, he’s not. He might have a
kinky side, and a very strong sexual drive, but he’s also a good man, who will
stop at nothing to take care of the people he loves. Another plus, there were
some interesting secondary characters, and they weren’t immune from the author
penning their sexual escapades.

I in no way found A Man’s Desire to be
dirty…extremely erotic…yes, with plenty of passion and character chemistry.
Don’t get the wrong idea from the blurb, and while I’m not going to say what
goes on in this book is moral, it’s much better than how it’s presented. The
historical setting and circumstances makes it all the more believable, although
I’m not so sure how accurate. I’m willing to overlook some of the shortcomings,
because overall it was pretty darn good. It all tops off with a satisfying
ending and a sweet, albeit a very short epilogue.

Well worth the $0.99!! Yes, less than a buck, that packs a
punch you’ll feel! Okay, maybe not a punch, more like a belly burn!

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Kathryn Anne Dubois?

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5 years 4 months ago

Definitely a Kathleen book!!

Kathleen Young
5 years 4 months ago

Fantastic review Karla, sounds like a Kathleen book to me 🙂