An Obsession with Vengeance (Wanted Men #3) by Nancy Haviland

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What it’s about

Maksim Kirov is a mobster who gets what he wants, both at his posh gentleman’s club in Hell’s Kitchen and in the bedroom. Sexy, dangerous, and obsessed with control, he’s risen through the ranks to become a highly respected leader in the tight-knit Tarasov crime syndicate. He rules with an iron fist…until he meets Sydney Martin.
The Australian-born Sydney is determined to refuse Maks’s advances, despite their electrifying chemistry. The owner of a neighboring nightclub, Sydney rules her own domain. But when a deal with a Mexican drug cartel goes terribly wrong, she has no choice but to turn to Maksim and the Tarasov organization for protection. Could giving in to their intense attraction be what saves both Maks and Sydney? Or will their all-consuming passion—and her shocking secret—destroy their lives?
In the hot and scandalous third installment of the Wanted Men series, lust and loyalty clash in New York’s mob underworld.

Release Date: 7/21

Dorsey’s Review

5 Tortured Hero Stars! I am completely hooked on this series and these characters!! 
I’ve been anxiously awaiting Maks’ story, and I totally loved it!! 
Maks is a highly respected leader in the Tarasove Crime Syndicate. He’s also brooding, sensual, and beautiful. I completely loved Maks and his back story, all that he endured as a boy at the hands of his abusive father broke my heart and it hurt for him. Where women, those he considers family, and children are concerned, he is truly a gentleman. But, he’s also brutal, as in BRUTAL, when he needs to be. The poor guy still feels guilty for his part in hurting a woman he’s grown to care a great deal about, due to his actions in The Salvation of Vengeance. I loved that he felt deeply about what happened, it showed he has a conscience, real emotions and feelings.
Maks and Sydney met in The Salvation of Vengeance, and he was instantly drawn to the beautiful, classy, yet aloof club owner. He has been ruthlessly pursuing her every chance he gets, even as she seems to have zero interest. Nevertheless, Maks takes every opportunity to engage in verbal sparring matches. Sydney IS attracted to Maks, but she has other priorities, mainly her twelve year old son, Andrew, that Maks doesn’t know about….not to mention she’s weary of his well deserved “manwhore” reputation.
When a secret Sydney has been keeping blows up in her face and brings danger to her and her beloved son Andrew, she has no choice but to seek protection from Maks. With the backing of his organization and his mentor Russian Crime Boss, Vasily, Maks and Sydney create charade to keep her safe. While the charade brings Sydney and Maks closer, and seems to be working as it should, another enemy, a much deadlier unknown enemy, is stalking Sydney. Lots of action! 
Maks and Sydney were great together, and she and Andrew were just what he needed, but never realized he did. Maks is just so sexy, the perfect tortured hero, and Sydney is a woman strong enough to stand beside him. I absolutely loved this story, and can’t wait for more Wanted Men!!!!
*A copy of the book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley*

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Dorsey Shewey
4 years 4 months ago

Thanks Lindsay, I love this series!!!!!

4 years 6 months ago

Great review Dorsey! I love mafia romances <3