Bound by Flames (Night Prince, #3) by Jeaniene Frost

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What it’s about
The climactic third
novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost’s Night Prince
series finds Vlad and his newly turned bride, Leila, at odds with each
other—and vulnerable to the one vampire powerful enough to end the Dark
Prince’s reign . . .

Play with fire, pay the price

years on the carnie circuit were certainly an education. What she
didn’t learn: how to be a vampire, or how to be married to the most
famous vampire of them all. Adjusting to both has Leila teetering on a
knife edge between passion and peril, and now the real danger is about
to begin . . .

Vlad must battle with a centuries-old enemy whose
reach stretches across continents and whose strength equals his own. It
isn’t like Vlad to feel fear, but he does . . . for Leila, because his
enemy knows she is Vlad’s greatest weakness. As friend and foe alike
align against him—and his overprotectiveness drives Leila away—Vlad’s
love for his new bride could be the very thing that dooms them both . . .

Dorsey’s Review

5 Fantastic Burning Stars!!!!

WOW!! I looooooved this book!!! Vlad and Leila are back and determined
to find Szilagyi no matter what it takes! Well….except Vlad would rather have
Leila safely locked away, while he deals with this deadly adversary. However,
Leila is very strong willed and is not easily persuaded. She’s determined to
help her husband with his enemy and it’s not long before Leila lands into the
evil Szilagyi’s hands. His treatment of her was so horrific, I’m still reeling
from it!!

Vlad is just as brutal as always, especially when it comes to protecting his
people, and even more brutal when Leila’s in danger! Vlad is ruthless in his
over protectiveness towards Leila. Where Leila is concerned, there is no one
and nothing that will be safe from his savage vengeance (I’m having good
shivers right now thinking about it!) I love it when he’s ruthless to his

aren’t just my weakness, Leila…you are my destruction, because if I were to
lose you, it would finish me.”

Laila really has come into her own; her electrical power are stronger than
ever, she has become a strong heroine although she still second guesses herself
a bit too much. She is young in human years and new to her vampire life (love
when Marty calls her “Baby Vamp”). She still can’t believe Vlad actually
loves her, and  the storyline progresses, so does Leila’s
inner strength and she overcomes most of her misgivings when it comes to Vlad.

“Vlad loved the same way that he lived–untamable, dangerous, and full throttle.”

We get more of Laila’s sister, Gretchen, who tends to make everyone
around her crazy, especially the vampires. I absolutely looooove her character,
I’m anxious to see if she hooks up with a vampire….and maybe becomes one
herself??  Leila’s father is still
distant and it’s really, really pissing
Vlad off!! We’ll just have to see if he gets through to him.
unnerved by me, so you wish I’d leave the two of you alone to talk?” Vlad
snorted. “Your personal discomfort means nothing to me, Hugh … wait,
that’s not true. I enjoy it.”
I can’t get
enough of this series or VLAD!!!

About the audiobook…


Once again the extremely talented Tavia Gilbert narrated this audio book!! She


Cat and Bones make a cameo when Vlad needs a little help from his allies, and
if you’ve not read Up From the Grave , you will
absolutely want to read it BEFORE reading Bound by Flames ,
if not you’ll get a major spoiler!!! Cat and Bones are not the only characters
that show up, we’re also are treated to more Mencheres and Marie aka the Ghoul
Queen of New Orleans.

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Kristen Review
4 years 8 months ago

Fantastic review, Dorsey. I love this book and the narrator. She's one of the best I've listened to. ❤️

Dorsey Shewey
4 years 8 months ago

Thanks Kristen!! I totally agree =)

4 years 8 months ago

Travis is a fantastic narrator and she hits a home run with this series.

Dorsey Shewey
4 years 8 months ago

*CAN'T imagine

Dorsey Shewey
4 years 8 months ago

I absolutely agree!! She's an extremely talented narrator, I can imagine anyone else doing this series =)

Dorsey Shewey
4 years 8 months ago

You'll love it Eileen!!

4 years 8 months ago

love this series. Can't wait to get my hands on it soon.