Come To Me by Oberon Wonch

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What it’s about
Comte Grégoire FitzHenri, the new
Earl of Shyleburgh, is known for his prowess as one of the Norman Conquerer’s
most favored warriors…but not for his romantic sensibility or his command of
the English language. Grégoire looks forward to his imminent marriage with his
seneschal’s beautiful daughter, his longtime betrothed. But as a rough-hewn
soldier, he wishes to enchant the elegant lady before taking their wedding
vows—which means an interpreter…and much-needed lessons in courtly love.
The clever Bridget of Shyleburgh
has been secretly in love with Grégoire since his visit as a dashing young
warrior—when he was promised in marriage to her sister. But when he returns
five years later as their new earl, Bridget is tasked with translating for
him—including his love letters and somewhat awkward attempts to woo her sister.
Mortified at first, Bridget soon finds herself completely charmed by his
whispers of love and desire. She never expected such tenderness…or such
wicked temptation… from a man like him. Grégoire’s heated missives tempt a
fair maiden to stray down a path filled with forbidden pleasures.
But his words are meant for
another…aren’t they?

Steffi’s Review
4.5 stars!
I absolutely loved this story, which is set in the world of the Norman Conquerors.
Bridget of Shyleburgh is just waiting for her sister to marry the great
Gregoire FitzHenri, the new Earl of Shyleburgh taking over for her father, so
she can start her safe life as a nun. Taking care of her family and the villagers,
Bridget is on her way to visit with a sick monk when she sees Gregoire who just
returned to Shyleburgh to start courting his betrothed, Bridget’s sister.
Gregoire and Bridget have an instant attraction. As the first born daughter,
she would have married Gregoire had she not decided to join the convent. When
Bridget has to work closely with Gregoire to translate and ease the courtship
with her sister, lust turns to like and finally love. Now Bridget has a few
important decisions to make with fearsome rebels trying to seize the castle.
I am a fan of historical romance, but usually it is either an American
western or set in Regency England. Not too often does a historical romance play
in the times of William the Conqueror. Gregoire’s first marriage ended in a
terrible tragedy, so he is very persistent in wanting his next bride to be
willing and happy to wed him. He makes an effort to get to know his betrothed
but Bridget is the one who really has all his attention. She meets him in wit
and intelligence. Gregoire and Bridget just fit together perfectly and I was
rooting for them every step of the way. I really hope there will be another
book about Bridget’s sister. There seems to be more to her than meets the eye. In
fact, all of Bridget’s younger sisters seem very interesting for future stories. 
Oberon Wonch allowed me to escape into a different time for a few hours
and I loved every minute of it. I hope to read many more books of hers in the

*A copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley*
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