Driven by Fire (Fire #2) by Anne Stuart

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What it’s about
Pro-bono lawyer Jenny Parker is the only true innocent in her family. The daughter of a New Orleans crime lord, she’s tried for years to make her own way, but family ties always have a way of pulling her back in line. When her younger brother gets involved in human trafficking, Jenny wants to believe him innocent and tries to protect him, even though it means covering for his crimes.
Matthew Ryder knows Jenny is hiding something, and he couldn’t care less about her motives. As a member of the Committee, a covert anticrime agency, he’s dealt with the worst the world has to offer. To him, Jenny is just another criminal. But when she asks for help, things turn dangerous quickly, and though he can’t trust her, he can’t turn her away.
Now, Jenny and Ryder must head to South America to stop the trafficking ring. To find the truth, they’ll have to survive untamed jungles, hostile rebels, crushing betrayals, and—perhaps most dangerous—the fire of their undeniable attraction.

Release Date: 2/16

Dorsey’s Review
3.5 Frustrating Stars!!
Let me start by saying I LOVED Matthew Ryder, he’s everything we expect from an Anne Stuart anti-hero. He’s unfeeling, dark, extremely sexy, and definitely dangerous. His job is to eliminate those “The Committee” deem dangerous, powerful, and on the wrong side of the law. In this case the head of a flesh peddling ring importing young women and children from South America to be sold to the highest bidder and once The Committee learns that someone has taken over the flesh trade enterprise from the Corsini crime family in book one, Consumed by Fire, and they are determined to end the trade once and for all!
Jenny Parker is a bleeding heart lawyer who works mostly pro-bono cases for the poor, and in this case, the victims from the shipping container seized by The Committee, local New Orleans Police officials, and the FBI. In actuality, she gets involved when her crime lord father contacts her to get to the shipyard and look for her baby brother who may have, willingly or unwillingly, gotten involved with the business. When she arrives and heads to the ship rather than the bus housing the women and children, she stumbles over countless bodies obviously assassinated. She locates her brother and covers for him when caught by Ryder nosing around.
Next thing you know she is the target of some very bad people and Ryder tries to keep her safe all the while knowing she’s hiding something from him which she is.

Great storyline, with fast paced action, intrigue, shady characters, vile relatives and many twist and turns! My issue was with Jenny…she was way too stubborn, naive and couldn’t see anything beyond her own wants and fears even if it slapping her in the face and putting others in danger….I wanted to shoot her myself at times!! If the heroine was different, I can see myself giving this a five-star rating, but Jenny as a heroine had me wanting to hurl my kindle across the room at times!! But if you’re a fan of Anne Stuart’s hero’s it’s totally worth the read just to meet Matthew Ryder!!!

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Lady Heather
4 years 28 days ago

Great review, Dorsey!☺

Dorsey Shewey
4 years 25 days ago

Thanks Heather!! x