Four Days of Christmas: Day Four

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Bring Me Home For Christmas by Robyn Carr

Another lovely addition to the Virgin River series.  This one centers on ex-marine Denny Cutler one of the town’s newest residents. His search for his biological father brought him here months ago and he chose to stay. His marine buddies are coming to Virgin River for a visit, and to partake in some outdoor activities. One of those friends is Rich Timm, and along for the ride is Becca, his sister and Denny’s ex.  She tricks her brother into bringing her along, but her real intention is to see Denny. Her current boyfriend Doug is visiting his family for Thanksgiving and has no idea what she’s up to.  Becca regrets her bitter break-up with Denny and wants some closure, before she takes the next step with Doug, marriage.
I’ve loved Denny since he made his appearance in Virgin River and was excited to read his story. Becca’s sneaky ways annoyed me initially, but once she comes clean with Denny, Doug, and her family, I really admired her. She’s never stopped loving Denny, he is the man that stole her heart years ago and never gave it back! Slow to start, the book picks up, and they re-discover one another. What made this book for me was the involvement of all the characters that we’ve met over the years. At the heart of this addictive series is Jack Sheridan, and we get a lot of him in this book, along with Preacher another VR favorite of mine. Their families and all the wonderful residents celebrate the holidays, small-town America style. It just warms your soul how they pull together to insure that no one is left out or forgotten during the holiday season. The book was somewhat mellow and the ending anticlimactic, but none the less, very charming and it was good to be back in Virgin River. It feels like coming home!
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Rating: 4/5 Christmas Trees
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8 years 1 month ago

Thanks Natalija! It's a series worth waiting for. I love those Virgin River men.

8 years 1 month ago

Good review, Karla! Thanks for sharing. I love VR series, but I read it in Italian & we have like first seven books published only. I guess I'll just have to be patient.