Four Days of Christmas: Day Two

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‘Twas the the night by Sandra Hill, Trish Jensen and Kate Holmes

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book written by three different authors. Each author took a character, wrote their romance, passed it on to the next, round-robin style, and then linked them together as one story. Beautifully done, and if I didn’t know better I would have assumed it was written by one person.
The plot centers around three men, Sam, Kevin and Stan, who formed a brotherly bond as young boys after they met in the orphanage where they were raised.  Their friend and mentor, George Garrison, town veterinarian of Snowden Maine is getting married on Christmas Eve and they are trekking their way back to attend his wedding. Fourteen years earlier, they all left and went on to become successful men. Thinking the townsfolk were happy to be rid of them and their hell raising ways, they never returned.  Little do they know how proud the town of Snowden is of their native sons, but they are soon to find out when they board the Santa Brigade!
Sam and Reba were childhood friends and sweethearts. She is on the Santa Brigade with the residents of Winter Haven, a retirement community that she is director of. Due to the bad weather, Sam’s flight has been cancelled, and through George’s finagling, he is able to hitch a ride on the bus where he runs into Reba. No denying they are still in love with each other, they just need to find a way to make it work.  Their story is funny, touching, filled with amusing banter and the renewed passion they have for each other.
Kevin is a private investigator, and he’s looking for a woman who has a warrant out for her arrest. Callie, the fugitive, literally runs into him at the train station in a very comical encounter. He too finds out that his mode of transportation has been cancelled, and finds his way onto the Santa Brigade hand-cuffed to the irate, spit-fire, Callie.  The funniest of the three romances, but no less charming, they were a delightful couple.
Stan is an ex-football player, his career cut short by a tragic accident. By George’s request he’s picking up Dana, who lives in Vermont, and he’s not happy about it. Until he meets her. Now all roads have closed and they snowmobile their way over to the Santa Brigade.  They have a slow, sweet, heartwarming romance that left me tingling.
The best part of the story is the interaction that they all have with the Winter Haven residents and the people that they meet, spreading Christmas joy traveling on the Santa Brigade. The realization that the townsfolk never forgot these boys, would welcome them back in a heartbeat, brought tears to my eyes.  Somewhat unrealistic at times, but what Christmas story isn’t! It’s still a charming, magical book, filled with delightful characters and lots of love!
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Rating: 4/5 Christmas Trees

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8 years 1 month ago

Thanks Kathleen, it was a long one, but the book had a lot going on!

8 years 1 month ago

Thanks Kristen, it was really a nice read to give you that Christmas feeling!

Kathleen Young
8 years 1 month ago

You alway's write the best review's Karla

8 years 1 month ago

I can't wait to read this book. Great review, Karla.