Guarding Suzannah by Norah Wilson

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Suzannah Phelps is a high profile and very successful criminal defense attorney in Fredericton, Canada. She’s made many enemies and the cops down at the precinct call her the Ice Queen, among other things.

For a while now she has been getting strange massages and little gifts left on her doorstep. Her stalker is very determined but Suzannah tries to ignore the obvious. The police don’t take her seriously, anyway. When Detective John Quiggley gets wind of Suzannah’s situation, his yearlong attraction to her comes back in a rush and he cannot stay away from her. He wants to protect her at all cost.
That Suzannah refuses to alert the police to her situation had me rolling my eyes here and there but her reasons were understandable. I really loved John. He is very persistent and I loved that he stands up to Suzannah while being very gentle and caring with her. I realize that the stalker-scenario has been done numerous times but I enjoyed the plot very much, especially the little twist in the end.

I read Needing Nita (novella) by Norah Wilson a while back without realizing that it was part of a series. When I found out, I decided to get started on the first book of the Serve and Protect Series, which is Guarding Suzannah. I quite enjoy Norah Wilson’s style of writing, even though the book could have used some more editing.  Either way, I’m definitely going to continue with the series. The next book is Saving Grace. Ray and Grace Morgan are introduced in Guarding Suzannah as John’s good friends and I’m very anxious about their story.

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