Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck

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5 Arresting Stars!! Detective Trevor
McCade…*swoon sigh faint*!!! Another smash hit for Samanthe Beck!!

She’s two for two! Once again, Samantha Beck held me captive with another
engaging read! I blew right through this book, and let me tell you…this author
can write!

Kylie Roberts has been conned by her sister Stacy to work her job as a stripper
while she’s recuperating from a broken leg. She doesn’t want to lose her job,
and since Kylie is her identical twin, Stacy doesn’t see any harm, plus she
thinks no one will be the wiser. Kylie begs to differ, but does it anyway, she
has a habit of coming to her sister’s rescue, and they need the money to pay
the rent. Her day goes from bad to worse after she finds a man dead in the
parking lot of the strip club.

Detective Trevor McCade has been looking for leads in a murder case and he
scopes out a local strip club for clues, but what catches his eye, is a
gorgeous blonde, who seems more in tune to her surroundings and the patrons
than her dancing. Something seems off with her, but he just can’t pinpoint what
it is. When another body is found in the parking lot of the club, by none other
than that same woman, the two of them become entangled in Kylie’s web of lies
and each other!

HOT DAMN…the steam rolled off the pages!!
Kylie and Trevor connected immediately, major chemistry and it carried through
to the end of the book. It took a while for them to do the actual ‘act’, but what
arises beforehand, no less sensual and passionate, and Trevor rose to the
occasion a lot! It’s amazing he could get any investigating done! He was the
yummiest of heroes! Kylie was adorable, a really good person, and she needed a
man like Trevor in her life…HELL…I
need a man like him in MY life!

I’m extremely impressed with this author, for a newbie on the scene she writes
like she’s been around the block. She doesn’t drag you down with details, and
the dialogue is witty and there is plenty of it to go around. I love her
naughty humor.

“I like bad girls.” He grazed his teeth along
her neck, provoking an aroused little moan from her. “One in particular, I
can’t resist. I may have to take you into protective custody.”

He braced her palms on the door, nudged her
feet apart with one of his, and then sent his hands under the hem of her
T-shirt, up the silken ladder of her ribs. She moaned again when he cupped her
breasts. Her hips shifted restlessly against him when he squeezed.

“Oh, God. Are you frisking me?” Helpfully, she
stepped out of her flip-flops. “I’m unarmed. I promise.”

“You were born with weapons, and you know it.”

Trevor can strip search me anytime!

The author manages to keep the reader guessing as to whodunit, and also wrote
the beginning of a secondary romance involving Kylie’s sister, Stacy and
another scrumptious detective, which seems to be the set-up for the next book.
To top it all off, the epilogue was fitting, funny and adorable!

I feel good things coming our way from Samanthe Beck. I can’t recommend this
book enough and you should also look into her delightful debut book, Private Practice, another winner!

Karla ~ 5 Stars!
*A copy of this book was provided by Entangled
Publishing, LLC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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