Midnight Fire (Men of Midnight #4) by Lisa Marie Rice

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What it’s about
Jack Delvaux is alive
Summer Redding thought the blindingly handsome jock who’d loved and left her years ago had died in the Washington Massacre. She grieved for her lost golden boy as the rest of the country mourned their dead—until she comes home to find a very alive Jack Delvaux waiting for her with a devastating secret that turns her life upside down.
No longer the carefree man he was in his youth, this Jack is dark, hard and dangerous; a fifteen-year veteran of the CIA hungry for answers…and hungry for her. The rich, good-looking charmer who broke her heart once before would have been easy to resist, but this man, this powerful man? Summer needs him, and he knows it.
When Jack’s mission uncovers evidence of government involvement in the Massacre—and plans for another attack—he’s primed for revenge. But he has more than vengeance to live for now, and when Summer’s life is threatened, it’s nearly Jack’s undoing. Someone taking shots at his woman? That’s a dead man walking.

Release date ~ 9/21

Dorsey’s  Review

4 Stars!!
Midnight Fire picks up where Midnight Secrets ends with Jack Delvaux alive and well. We met him briefly in Midnight Secrets, as Isabel’s brother, who was thought killed in the “Washington Massacre”. Jack Delvaux “died” in the Washington Massacre, the massacre that took the lives of over 700 people, including all of Jack’s family with the exception of his sister Isabel. 
In reality, Jack has been living as a homeless person, trying to find out who was behind the massacre and why. During a political funeral Jack is seen by Summer, who runs a very successful blog that exposes political corruption. Summer was smitten with the golden boy of the Delvaux family as a young girl, and fiercely loved him as a young adult, until he broke her heart and disappeared. Now she is aware that Jack is alive and clearly into something that she is determined to uncover.
Soon Jack and Summer are working together with the rest of the Midnight team, and (FBI Agent) Nick, to uncover another planned attack on America from traitors within an American Government agency. Once again we get some suspense, action, and steamy love scenes.
I was a bit dismayed with the ending, it seemed to just…..end. I would have liked a couple of the story lines to be a bit more wrapped up, perhaps we’ll hear more in future books?!
Regardless, I will read these books as long as LMR continues to write them. I love this series and hopefully we’ll get more stories…..I really, really need FBI Agent Nick’s book (soon!!)….PLEASE!!!

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