Quickie Review: Spirit Of The Valley by Jane Shoup

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What it’s about
In Virginia, 1883, some things
you can run from. . . some you have to fight.

Pauline Ray is on the run, and she won’t get far. With thirty-four dollars, two
small children to feed, the cold coming in fast, she has no idea how she’ll
hide her tracks from her monster of a husband, let alone support her family.
But Pauline is done with convention, and with nothing from her old life worth
preserving, not even her name, she’s free to become a whole new person.

All she has to do is singlehandedly turn a run-down homestead into the haven
she and her children need, in a town full of wagging tongues and watchful eyes.
But one man is watching her with more than judgment. Pauline would never have
considered his scandalous proposal in her days as an obedient, suffering wife
and daughter. But “Lizzie” might dare to accept him–his love, his
work, and his secrets–and wrest her story toward a happily ever after all her
own. . .


Steffi’s Review
3 stars!
With the only goal to get as far
away from her abusive husband as possible, Pauline Ray arrives in Green Valley
with her two children and no idea on how to make a living for her small family.
Luck seems to be on Pauline’s side when she makes the acquaintance of her new
neighbors and seems to have found the solution to her problems in a run-down
homestead on a small piece of land. 
Spirit Of The Valley draws you in
right away with its heart-breaking prologue. But it is essential in order to understand
the man that is Jeremy, Pauline’s love interest. He has lived a hard life and
doesn’t realize how much he craves love and intimacy until he meets Pauline, or
‘Lizzie’, and her children. Spirit Of The Valley is a lovely historical romance
that takes you back to the Virginia of the late 1800s and the story of two
people who find their other half in most unfortunate circumstances. At the end,
I felt some questions were left unanswered for the convenience of the story and
I wished for a bit more detail on Lizzie and Jeremy’s romance. Overall, I
really enjoyed Spirit Of The Valley and am very excited to read Down In The
, which is also set in Green Valley and tells the story of Emeline Wright. 
*A copy of this book was provided
by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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