Release Day Blitz: Two to Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) by Victoria Vane ~ Excerpt & Author Interview

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It’s here!! Two To Wrangle is the 2nd book in Victoria Vane’s unique cowboy series, Hotel Rodeo. It’s the contiuation of Ty and Monia’s story, which started in Hell on Heels, and Karla was dying to get her hands on it. She loves this couple and series, and you can check out her review along with a fun excerpt and a wonderful, informative interview with Victoria Vane. So pack your bags and check in to the Hotel Rodeo, you’re never going to want to leave!You can find Karla’s review for Hell on Heels here, and look for her review for Beauty and the Bullrider coming soon.

What it’s about

A COUNTRY BOY…Maybe having a hot and heavy affair with the boss’s daughter wasn’t the smartest move. But Ty Morgan didn’t regret a moment with city girl Monica Brandt…until she left Las Vegas to return to her life in New York. When devastating news sends her running back, Ty can’t help but open his arms. His heart, however, is another matter.
AND A CITY GIRL…Now that Ty has what he’s always wanted—controlling interest in Hotel Rodeo—Monica is certain their time together is at an end—until Ty asks her to come on board as a partner. Maybe it’s just her money he needs, but the chance to stick close to the sexy wrangler sure could make work a whole lot more interesting.
GET READY TO TANGO.. Their partnership doesn’t come without a heap of problems. The two can’t agree on anything—except their iron-hot attraction. As the hotel’s grand opening approaches, the truth is all too clear: Ty and Monica must find a way to mix business with pleasure if they have any shot at dancing off into the sunset together…


“Do you have some kind of wrap or shawl you could wear with that dress?” Ty asked, wanting a moment to set things straight for the intruding asshole. “You might get cold later in such a little bitty dress.”


“Give me a minute and I’ll look for something,” Monica replied.


“Sure thing, Sugar.”


Evan scowled at the pet name.


Both men watched her departing ass. Hot damn that dress was about to give him a heart attack. “You’d best stop looking at her like that. And I better never see your hands on her again either,” Ty murmured with a smile.


“She’s way out of your league, cowboy.”


“Is she now?” Ty remarked, stretching his smile.


“Are you actually implying she dumped me for you?” Evan asked with a snort.


“Apparently she knows a good thing when she see’s it. You didn’t.” Ty shrugged. “Guess that means I win. You lose.”


“Who says the game’s over?” Evan replied. “I never lose, cowboy. I’ve got more money and more influence than you could ever imagine. I always get what I want.”


“Is that right, Evan?” Monica stood in the doorway, wrap around her shoulders and bag in hand. “Did I just interrupt some kind of pissing contest? If so, I can end it now.” She looked from one man to the other, and then added with a smile, “For the record, Evan, Ty’s is bigger.”




“You’re welcome, Ty,” Monica replied tightly as they exited the hotel.


“I know you meant well, but that was emasculating as hell.”


“For you or for him?” she asked with a laugh. “You came out the clear winner.”


“That’s not the point. I didn’t want or need your interference, Monica,” he grumbled. “I can handle arrogant assholes like that. Been doing it my whole life.”
“So what did you expect me to do? Stand there and let him insult you? The way you two were eyeballing each other, I was beginning to think I might see some blood.”
“I doubt it would have come to that,” he said.
“So it was all just ridiculous male posturing?”
“Pretty much,” he confessed.
“He really does have more money and influence than you, Ty,” Monica said. “He made Forbes Top 100 mogul list just last year. There’s no way you could ever top him in anything related to business, but you are in fact much better endowed. That shut him right down, didn’t it?”
“Sure did. He may never get it up again.” He signaled the limo. “I miss my damned truck.”

Karla’s Review

5 Stars! My bags are packed and I’m checking into the Hotel Rodeo! 
Victoria Vane is one a handful of authors that can crossover from one sub-genre of romance to another…flawlessly…and her foray into contemporary cowboy romance, especially with the Hotel Rodeo series, has been nothing but enjoyable!
I love Ty and Monica, and there isn’t anything I would change about this story. It was the perfect follow-up to Hell on Heels and rounded out Ty and Monica’s story rather nicely. Not a lot of angst, which I appreciated, and they grew as individuals as well as a couple. Their attraction and chemistry bucked right off the pages, I literally blew through the book.
I loved Monica’s sass, but she’s also kind and thoughtful, and was the first to admit when she was wrong. A great heroine, one that didn’t annoy me like so many do with their constant doubt and second guessing. Yes, she had concerns, but they were in line with the situations that related to the overall story. She was mature in her thinking and reactions, knew that her father made the right decisions about how he divvied up his estate, and harbored no animosity. She’s smart and strong-minded, but not bitchy and I really like her.
Ty…RAWRRRR! A strong, considerate hero, and I loved his vulnerable side. My favorite moment…when he was snockered at the saloon memorial for Tom and was reciting poetry while holding onto the boots with Tom’s remains inside. It was funny and at the same time heartbreaking. One minute I was laughing and then when he fell apart, it choked me up. He wears his heart on his sleeve, not something we find very often in a hero, but something I found to be very refreshing. The total man package, inside and out!
Ty and Monica forged a wonderful relationship in Two to Wrangle and their partnership in work and in love, wholly dedicated to each other and their vision, makes them one of my new favorite couples.
If I knew that the series wasn’t going to continue, then I would have wanted an epilogue and been upset there wasn’t one, but since I’m sure we’ll be seeing Ty and Monica as the series moves forward, I was happy with the way the book ended. You just know there’s more to come for them and you can see the writing on the wall as it relates to some of the other characters and I’m already itchin’ for the next book.
Bottom line, Two to Wrangle is a WINNER! It’s amusing, entertaining, passionate, sexy, and filled with charming characters. A great second installment in a series I’m hoping will continue for many books to come!
*A copy of the book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley*
Victoria Vane talks about Hotel Rodeo and other things…
After years of writing historical romance you jumped into the cowboy contemporary genre…why cowboys?
A little over two years ago, a good friend and beta reader talked me into trying my hand at contemporary romance. I buck against the idea for the longest time because I didn’t have much interest in contemporary romance, mainly because I don’t buy into most of the popular tropes (Billionaires, bikers and step-brothers are not my cuppa). I also didn’t think I had the right voice for contemporary romance, but after months of brainstorming I decided to try a contemporary western. Hot cowboys? Now we’re talking! When you really consider it, cowboys are a lot like historical heroes- old fashioned manners, respect for traditions (God and country), and are generally protective. They are also kind and gentle to old people, children, and animals. Package all that in a pair of wranglers and what’s not to love?
What would you say is the biggest difference between Hotel Rodeo and your first cowboy series, Hot Cowboy Nights?
My hero Ty Morgan in HELL ON HEELS and TWO TO WRANGLE is a departure from my more traditional cowboys. Ty is a very flawed character. He’s a divorced playboy who loves woman—but only in single serving sizes. He also has an alcohol problem that he’s mostly overcome. He’s got a smart mouth and talks a lot of smack about his ex-wife, but deep down takes responsibility for the failed marriage. He has countless “friends” but doesn’t let anyone get too close, with the exception of Oklahoma billionaire, Tom Brandt, his father’s business partner who took Ty under his wing after Ty’s father’s tragic death. After following too closely in his father’s footsteps, Ty leaves the world of professional rodeo to manage Tom’s Las Vegas hotel. The Hotel means everything to Ty. It’s his family and his future but Ty knows its days are numbered.
Little does Ty know that his fight will be with Tom’s invest-banker daughter, Monica Brandt. The relationship between Ty and Monica is nothing short of explosive!
One of my favorite snippets between Ty and Monica:

“I wanted this to work. I really did, but we just don’t have enough common ground. I admit the chemistry between us is incredible, but we burn too hot.”

“You’re right about that part,” he broke into a dark chuckle. “We’ve been playing with gun powder from the get-go. But there’s something you need to understand about gunpowder, Monica. Although it’s highly combustible, it’s also what makes fireworks. So only two things can happen here—we’re either gonna blow like a stick of dynamite or we’re gonna make some major fucking pyrotechnics. Don’t know ’bout you, but I’m banking on the fireworks.”

The setting for Hotel Rodeo, is well, a hotel! It’s unique and a lot of fun. What made you decide to write a series that for the most part takes place in the hotel and involves the employees and guests?
I chose Las Vegas for the myriad possibilities! This series is written very much like a TV mini-series with many colorful background characters and a continuing story arc. The first book, HELL ON HEELS, mainly sets the stage for all of the other stories, and I hope there will be many more. I’m already working on three new ideas featuring characters that are introduced in the first three books. I think it’s a very fresh and unique.
Ty and Monica’s relationship was left unresolved in Hell On Heels and In Two To Wrangle their story continues. Did you feel you were taking a chance leaving their relationship up in the air or confident that readers would come back to them?
Yes. I knew I was taking a chance leaving the first book unresolved but it was a gamble I was willing to take because the payoff is so much bigger. Ty and Monica do come to a real and very romantic resolution in TWO TO WRANGLE, but I have still left it open to continue their journey in subsequent books. They play a small but imporatant role in BEAUTY AND THE BULL RIDER and they will help to drive the plot in subsequent books as Ty’s dream for the hotel comes to full fruition.
What can we expect as the series moves forward and who will be reading about? There were definitely a few characters that showed the sparks of a love connection!
The new storylines I’m working on involve the architect, Cassi Alexander, who I’m planning to pair up with a tattooed, tough talking Texas bred building contractor.
I’m also hoping to pair Monica’s ex-fiance, Evan, with Tamara (the call girl from HELL ON HEELS) in a plot that’s part Pretty woman with a Risky Business twist.
Lastly, I’d like to pair up Zac’s Bull figthing brother Kade with either a down and out country singer or maybe a Russian trick rider. 🙂
These ideas are all in development. 🙂
Any other projects you’d like to tell us about?
I have several BIG projects in the works. One of these is THE DEMIMONDE DIARIES. It’s a return to historical fiction in that my characters are all real people, but the stories will be written with strong romantic and erotic elements. It’s not “romance” because the heroines all have multiple relationships before finding their happy ever after. Here’s a teaser for THE QUEEN OF KING’S PLACE

Whore. Harlot. Strumpet. Slut. 

I was educated and trained in the manners and deportment of a lady, never imagining I would one day lay claim to these epithets, but once the role was thrust upon me, rather than wallowing in self-pity, I chose to embrace my fate in the demimonde. If I had to live a life of ill-repute, I swore to become the most celebrated courtesans in all of London. And I did, reigning supreme above them al

They say harlots don’t get a happy ever after…I beg to differ.

Now for some fun…we want to know the real Victoria Vane! Pick one or choose your own! 
Early riser or night owl? 
Absolutely a night owl.
Fine dining or the local pub?
Fine dining. I love great food and I love to dress to the nines!
Luxury car or big bad-ass truck?
I have owned a badass truck! I used to drive a Ford F350 dually with a crew cab but now I have a red Mustang so I have to answer muscle car!
Palm trees or mountain peaks?
I currently live in Florida but I prefer mountains to beaches.
Drama, comedy, or reality TV?
Historical drama or romantic comedy.
And lastly…
Cowboy boots or stilettos?
BOTH BABY!! I LOVE pretty dresses and high heels but I’m also very much at home in jeans and boots and a cowboy hat! (see pictures)


Victoria Vane is a #1 best-selling author of  smart and sexy contemporary Western romance and an award-winning author of erotic historical romance. Her books have received more than twenty awards and nominations to include the 2014 RONE Award for Treacherous Temptations and Library Journal Best E-Book romance of 2012 for The Devil DeVere series. Look for her scorching hot Hotel Rodeo series coming from Kensington/Lyrical Shine early 2016.
Twitter: @authorvictoriav
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