Review: Dark Journey (Anne Stuart’s Bad Boys, #1) by Anne Stuart

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Review: Dark Journey (Anne Stuart’s Bad Boys, #1) by Anne StuartDark Journey by Anne Stuart
on March 20th 2015
Genres: Romance, Paranormal
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 When Laura Fitzpatrick collapses in the woods outside her father’s Rocky mountain home, she knows she’s about to die from the fatal heart condition that’s afflicted her since childhood, but to her amazement, a dark stranger appears before her and the pain in her chest vanishes. Suddenly Laura feels more alive than she ever has and she is drawn to the mysterious stranger who seems so full of secrets. 

Laura has no clue how close she is to death. Disguised as Alex Montmort, Death himself has come to figure out once and for all why Laura is special and why she is the only person on earth he hasn’t been able to claim. While her soul eludes him, her heart is opening to the man she believes him to be. And though he longs to give in to the intense attraction he feels, he knows his touch could be enough to end her fragile life. 

Dorsey’s Review


5 Grimm Reaper Stars!!

Well, this was certainly different!! Alex, is death….literally. The Grimm Reaper in all his unholy glory and he’s in love with Laura. She’s a sickly and fragile young women whose wealthy, influential, overprotective family keeps a very close eye on her, especially since she’s been at death’s door several times, yet she’s spared each time. When Alex finds her again at death’s door he takes a reprieve from his grim duties to spare her one last time, but this time will be different….much different.

Anne Stuart is a MASTER storyteller, who can create unforgettable tales and anti-hero’s like no one else!! This novella is less then 100 pages, yet it felt complete. I thoroughly enjoyed this short story.


About Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart is a grandmaster of the genre, winner of Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, survivor of more than thirty-five years in the romance business, and still just keeps getting better.

Her first novel was Barrett’s Hill, a gothic romance published by Ballantine in 1974 when Anne had just turned 25. Since then she’s written more gothics, regencies, romantic suspense, romantic adventure, series romance, suspense, historical romance, paranormal and mainstream contemporary romance for publishers such as Doubleday, Harlequin, Silhouette, Avon, Zebra, St. Martins Press, Berkley, Dell, Pocket Books and Fawcett.

She’s won numerous awards, appeared on most bestseller lists, and speaks all over the country. Her general outrageousness has gotten her on Entertainment Tonight, as well as in Vogue, People, USA Today, Women’s Day and countless other national newspapers and magazines.

When she’s not traveling, she’s at home in Northern Vermont with her luscious husband of forty years, an empty nest, five sewing machines, and when she’s not working she’s watching movies, listening to rock and roll(preferably Japanese) and spending far too much time quilting and making doll clothes because she has no intention of ever growing up..

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Nikki H
Nikki H
3 years 3 months ago

This sounds so intriguing–she really is a great writer. I am looking forward to reading this one.

3 years 3 months ago

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did Nikki!!