REVIEW: Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige

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REVIEW: Identity Crisis by Rochelle PaigeIdentity Crisis by Rochelle Paige
on June 24 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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A reclusive author...Delia Sinclair is desperate to hit a looming deadline. With only two weeks to go before her manuscript is due, she heads to a remote cabin in the Smoky Mountains with no internet or cell service.

An ex-military security specialist...Blaine West is halfway around the world when he gets a frantic message from his childhood sweetheart. She needs to lay low for awhile so he puts her in touch with someone who can help her until he can get back to town.

A dead body...When Blaine arrives at the hotel where they were supposed to meet, he learns the body of a local author was discovered that morning but there's no sign of his old flame.

And a case of mistaken identity...Delia returns home completely unaware that the police believe she's been murdered. With Delia alive and his ex still missing, Blaine has the skills and connections to find out exactly what happened and keep Delia safe.


Dorsey’s Review


4 Sexy Alpha Seal Stars!!

Blaine West is an ex-Navy SEAL working as a head of security for a wealthy Las Vegas Casino owner when he receives an urgent message from his childhood friend and first love who’s obviously terrified and asking for help to hide. Blaine arranges for her to find safe shelter until he can arrive. Once he arrives at the agreed meeting place, a local hotel, she doesn’t show but he soon learns a local author was murdered that morning at the same hotel. An author who bears an uncanny resemblance to his friend.

Delia Sinclair is a reclusive romance novelist who’s on a deadline and decides to go to a secluded cabin to get away from all distractions, basically hiding out in the mountains to finish her latest book. Delia spends more time in her head and books than she does in real life and she’s definitely lonely. Upon completion of her book, she returns home to find (a very sexy) stranger searching her home. After hearing his explanation, she learns she was supposedly “murdered”, and the man searching her house is the actual victim’s childhood friend who happens to look remarkably like Delia.

“My jaw almost dropped open as I got my first look at him. If I had to conjure up an image of an intruder, he was the last thing I would come up on my own… He had tall, dark, and dangerous down to a tee. When I looked into his eyes, they seemed to be filled with an honesty and determination that didn’t make any sense”.

Blaine persuades Delia not to go to the police and aid him to figure out exactly what happened to his friend. Soon sparks start to ignite between the two of them. The more time Blaine spends with Delia he decides Delia is his and will protect her at all cost, even with his life if necessary.

“Nestled in his arms, I tilted my head to look into his eyes. ‘You’ve barely gotten any sleep either. What keeps you going? You do”.

All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next books in the series. If you love bossy dirty talking sexy alphas you too will enjoy this book!!



About Rochelle Paige

I absolutely adore reading – always have and always will. My friends growing up used to tease me when I would trail after them, trying to read and walk at the same time. If I have downtime, odds are you will find me reading or writing.

I am the mother of two wonderful sons who have inspired me to chase my dream of being an author. I want them to learn from me that you can live your dream as long as you are willing to work for it.

When I told my mom that my new year’s resolution was to self-publish a book in 2013, she pretty much told me “About time!”

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