Review Rewind: Twelve Days (The McRaes #1) by Teresa Hill

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Review Rewind: Twelve Days (The McRaes #1) by Teresa HillTwelve Days (The McRaes Series, Book 1 - Sam & Rachel) by Teresa Hill
on November 1st 2001
Genres: Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Love & Romance, Holidays
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Twelve Days before Christmas, Rachel McRae opens her front door, and a social worker puts a baby in her arms -- one who comes along with a four-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl, siblings abandoned and in need of a temporary home.

But there’s a catch. Rachel’s family is falling apart. While she and her husband, Sam, have always dreamed that one day, they’d have a house filled with children, that dream has led instead to one heartbreak after another. Sam McRae has finally decided the only thing left to do is leave his wife. 

Reluctantly, Rachel and Sam agree to take the children in, but just until after Christmas. They vow to do their best not to fall in love with them, not to get their hopes up that this time a miracle will happen. That these children will stay, and that Sam and Rachel’s marriage can still be saved.

Karla’s Review

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Life is hard, love makes it better ~ Teresa Hill 

4.5 Inspiring Stars! A wonderful heartwarming holiday read! 

Lots and lots of love in this book, but there is also sorrow and despair. Sam and Rachel have suffered their own losses and it’s slowly causing their marriage to fall apart, but when 3 beautiful children suddenly come into their lives, it forces them to come together and give them the opportunity to come to terms with their past.

I really enjoyed this book! I fell in love with Sam and Rachel, and utterly adored Emma, Zach, and Grace…they were delightful! I loved how Sam and Emma connected, she feared him at first, and leaned on him when her little heart was breaking…*sob*! Zach…what a pistol…he stole the show and baby Grace was a sweet as they come! I wanted them for my own.

The Christmas setting added to the emotional level of the read, but the author’s heartfelt writing is what drew me in and had me flipping through the pages. She incorporated Sam and Rachel’s story very nicely with that of the children. They love each other, but both have had their doubts. They married at a young age and journey back through time, rehash over old hurts and tragedies to find their way back to one another. It was very touching. The sex is slightly steamy but appropriate for the read, it wasn’t too descriptive.

I loved the small town setting, and the involvement of Rachel’s family, it added another lovely element to the read. It’s a start to what looks to be an awesome family series.

I had two issues that kept this from being a 5-star read. Just a tad too much over-thinking on Rachel’s part, but she really had been through the wringer, so I’m cutting her some slack. Also Zack/Zach’s name…which one is it?…somewhat annoying, but I enjoyed his character and this book so much, and it’s free…so I’m willing to overlook it.

It’s a great story no matter the season, and read the author’s dedication, it was the inspiration for Twelve Days, that alone will have you shedding a tear.

*Originally posted 12/2013*


About Teresa Hill

Teresa Hill is a USA Today Bestselling Author whose books have been translated into eight different languages and sold in many more countries than she’s had the opportunity to visit. (So not fair.)

Growing up on a farm in Kentucky, she was a Daddy’s girl and a tomboy. She learned to drive on a tractor and loved to climb trees.

Her mother warned that one day – when she wanted to have pretty legs for boys — she’d be sorry about all her scrapes and scars. But she has no regrets — not even about the time she got a fishhook stuck in a very sensitive area or ended up seeing her own kneecap. (Not on an X-ray.)

Her husband found her while they were both working their way through college. (He was her boss.) She remembers thinking so clearly, “What are you doing here? You’re much too early. I have things to do.” But she couldn’t just tell him to go away and come back later, so she married him. He never tried to keep her from doing anything.

She wanted to live by the ocean, so after college, she sent resumes to a dozen coastal cities between Virginia Beach and New Orleans. It worked! She wrote her first novel on a little island off the South Carolina coast.

She and her husband now share their home – a brick ranch (for him) with a view of the mountains (for her) — with a collie, a German shepherd and a 20-pound cat who informs her it’s time to stop working by plopping down on her keyboard. (He doesn’t care if her hands are still on it.)

She believes everything in life – the good or the very bad — is better with someone you love, which is why she writes love stories.

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