Review: The Redemption of Julian Price by Victoria Vane

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Review: The Redemption of Julian Price by Victoria VaneThe Redemption of Julian Price by Victoria Vane
on April 11, 2016
Genres: Historical Romance, Novella
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She gave him a chance to bury his past… but the price would be his heart...

Burdened by the past…Orphaned at a young age and left to run wild, at eighteen Julian Price joins the fight against Napoleon in the hope of attaining honor. Devastated when his best friend, Thomas, is killed in battle, Julian returns home burdened with guilt, only to find his wastrel uncle has squandered his inheritance.

Desperate to live her own life… Facing a bleak future caring for her aging mother and raising her brother’s children, Henrietta Houghton believes her chance at a real life died with Thomas, the only man who ever wanted her. But Henrietta is still full of dreams. When her wealthy aunt offers her a gift of ten thousand pounds, Henrietta finally has the chance to choose her own destiny.

Everything has a price...With a fortune at her command, Henrietta offers Julian a marriage of convenience, unaware that she really offers Julian a means of salvation—not just his fortune, but his very soul.


Karla’s Review

4 Stars!  A wonderfully layered, entertaining story! Chalk up another winner for Victoria Vane in the historical romance genre!

When this author puts her on her historical hat there is a very comfortable easy feel to her writing, it’s like coming home.

Henrietta was a great character; bold, witty, and her curiosity about sexual intimacy between a man and woman was fun to read about. She was the one who was the pursuer in this relationship and came up with the arrangement that would satisfy both Julian’s and her circumstances. That’s not to say Julian wasn’t attracted to her too, he was, but his guilt over the loss of Thomas, his best friend and the man who proposed to Hen, initially held him at bay.

Julian was such a likable hero, and even though he was desperate for a solution to save his estate, he wasn’t one to take advantage. Only when he realized that Hen saw the arrangement as a benefit to her, would he agree to accept her offer. Yeah, he was a good bad-boy, the kind I love.

Hen’s great aunt, Lady Cheswick,  was a pistol…she was outspoken, loved her niece and would do anything for her! The two of them were so much alike. Prim and proper to a point but tossed it all out the window with no qualms whatsoever when it suited them.

This was a sweet, fun, and a little sad, friends to lovers story. The epilog was fitting and amusing  but I wish we could have more time with these two as a couple, it ended a little too quickly. Hopefully, this will become a series because there were some great secondary characters that I would enjoy reading about and would also love to catch up with Julian and Hen!


About Victoria Vane

Victoria Vane is a #1 best-selling author of smart and sexy contemporary Western romance and an award-winning author of erotic historical romance. Her books have received more than twenty awards and nominations to include the 2014 RONE Award for Treacherous Temptations and Library Journal Best E-Book romance of 2012 for The Devil DeVere series.


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