REVIEW: WILD FIRE by Anne Stuart (Fire #3)

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REVIEW: WILD FIRE by Anne Stuart (Fire #3)Wild Fire by Anne Stuart
on February 14th 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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Her power-hungry husband takes pleasure in her pain, but she’s done playing the victim.....

Three years ago, ex-operative Sophie Jordan made the mistake of falling in love—and marrying—her target. Now she’s paying for it tenfold. Her husband might be one of the sexiest men alive, but he’s also a psychopath. She’s been a virtual prisoner, and the time has come for retribution—and escape.

Undercover agent Malcolm Gunnison has his orders: get intel from Sophie’s arms-dealer husband, then kill him. He plans to get rid of her, too, if she gets in his way, but he’s unprepared when she gets under his skin instead. Whose side is she on? And what is she hiding behind those mesmerizing eyes?

Sophie vowed to never fall for another man again, but this sexy undercover agent is different. With danger mounting, can Malcolm and Sophie trust each other—and their growing passion—enough to get out of this operation alive?

Dorsey’s Review

3.5 Anti-Hero Stars!

Sophie is a prisoner on her husband’s private island. She’s an ex-operative for the Committee and made the mistake of falling in love with her target Archer and marrying him. Archer eventually found out about her ties to the Committee and had her shot, but, the shot didn’t kill her, only paralyzed her. Now Sophie is confined to a wheelchair, angry, and want’s revenge all the while being subjected to Archer’s physical abuse, emotional abuse, and mind games.

The Committee has now sent another agent, Malcolm (Mal), to finish the job that Sophie failed. Mal and Sophie become reluctant allies against Archer while both fight the instant connection between them. While Mal plays his own mind games with both Archer and Sophie, much to his dismay, he cannot deny the mutual attraction and protective instincts he has towards Sophie.

Mal was most definitely an anti-hero but he lacked the edginess, and coldness we normally see in an Anne Stuart hero. Don’t get me wrong, yes, he was ruthless just not as ruthless I’ve come to expect from this author’s anti-heroes. All-in-all this was a decent read, but, I didn’t love it as much as loved many of her other books.


About Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart is a grandmaster of the genre, winner of Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, survivor of more than thirty-five years in the romance business, and still just keeps getting better.

Her first novel was Barrett’s Hill, a gothic romance published by Ballantine in 1974 when Anne had just turned 25. Since then she’s written more gothics, regencies, romantic suspense, romantic adventure, series romance, suspense, historical romance, paranormal and mainstream contemporary romance for publishers such as Doubleday, Harlequin, Silhouette, Avon, Zebra, St. Martins Press, Berkley, Dell, Pocket Books and Fawcett.

She’s won numerous awards, appeared on most bestseller lists, and speaks all over the country. Her general outrageousness has gotten her on Entertainment Tonight, as well as in Vogue, People, USA Today, Women’s Day and countless other national newspapers and magazines.

When she’s not traveling, she’s at home in Northern Vermont with her luscious husband of forty years, an empty nest, five sewing machines, and when she’s not working she’s watching movies, listening to rock and roll(preferably Japanese) and spending far too much time quilting and making doll clothes because she has no intention of ever growing up..

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