The Demon Count Novels (Demon Count #1-2) by Anne Stuart

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What it’s about
The Demon Count

In a world of grandeur but also nightmarish evils, his dangerous passion drew her to him . . .

soon as she arrives in Venice, golden-haired Charlotte Morrow is
pursued by the city’s most dashing and celebrated men. Young and
reckless, the orphaned English ward of a mysterious guardian expects a
life of parties and adventure.

Instead she finds herself little
better than a bird in a gilded cage at Edentide, her guardian’s immense
palazzo on the Grand Canal. A “Ghoul of Venice” is terrorizing the city,
draining beautiful young women of their blood. To Charlotte’s horror,
her handsome, brooding guardian, whom she secretly calls the Demon
Count, is considered a prime suspect. Every night in his mansion is a
spine-tingling battle between passion and fear, as he draws her to him
with irresistible desires and dark cravings.

Is he protecting her from the Ghoul, or savoring the prospect of her seduction and murder?

The Demon Count’s Daughter

A love for danger is bred in her blood.

Her willful passion sends her into the arms of a stranger.

impossible for a young woman with Luciana’s passionate bloodlines to
lead a boring, sheltered life in London. With her parents away on
holiday, she and a small entourage escape to Venice, where the mystery,
danger and romance of her mother and father’s early years have always

Tall and raven-haired, the beauty is on a secret
mission and is expecting to meet with compatriots. But the dangers
surround her far more than she imagined, and her father’s aged palazzo
is not the sanctuary she hoped for. Her only protection is an
irresistible but mysterious stranger who captures her heart. His secrets
tell him to keep his distance. But Luciana will get what she wants. She
is, after all, the Demon Count’s daughter.

 Crista’s Review

4 stars!
I am more
than excited to announce that The Demon Count and The
Demon Count’s Daughter
are now available digitally for the first time.
After being out of print for many years, the only access was through some
libraries or by paying extremely high used prices.  Thankfully, I was patient (for once in my
life), and didn’t pay the high used cost. 
These two highly sought after older titles, published by the
incomparable Anne Stuart, are now available in one single novel.  It’s been a long wait, but it was worth it.
The Demon
is positively brilliant and a definite 5 star read.  Without a doubt, this is classic Anne
Stuart!  Although this book was written
in the 80’s, in some ways it’s timeless. 
Anne Stuart is at her best when she portrays the dark and sinister hero,
and our hero Count Luc del Zaglia certainly fits that definition.  This novel has a distinct gothic feel, as was
popular during the time it was published. 
The brilliance of this novel lies in its complexity and multi-layered
characters, specifically Count Luc del Zaglia. 
His motives are ambiguous and they have you flipping through pages
trying to figure out whether he is the stuff that dreams are made of, or
nightmares.  The heroine is a bit naïve,
but I liked her.  I was back and forth
guessing about what was really happening throughout the book.  I finally understood when Ms. Stuart decided
to finally outright reveal it.  This was
a brilliant novel that I highly recommend.
The Demon
Count’s Daughter
was less spectacular than The Demon Count, but in
all fairness, I read these books back to back. 
It would’ve taken something special to rival the extraordinary tone and
intricacies of The Demon Count.  Sadly,
The Demon Count’s Daughter felt too ordinary and ended up falling a bit short
of its prequel. 
The second
book features the daughter of the Count and Charlotte, so these books are
definitely connected.  The hero in this
book lacked the mystery and element of danger that I find so irresistible in
Stuart’s heroes, and because of this and the lack of depth and complexity I
would rate this book 3 stars.
I took the
average of these ratings and arrived at my final 4 star rating.  If you are a fan of Anne Stuart, this is a
must read as you are making it through this accomplished author’s backlist.  If you are new to Anne Stuart, the fact that
these books were written over thirty years ago may hinder your enjoyment, but
please make it a priority to read something written by this author.  She is truly one of a kind!
*A copy of this book was provided by Bell Bridge
Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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5 years 2 months ago

The Demon Count sounds wonderful and so exciting when books are rereleased!

Crista W.
5 years 2 months ago

It is wonderful and I couldn't agree more! I love my kindle for so many reasons, but one of the biggest is that so many out of print treasures are now available once again! I agree, it's very exciting! Thank you for stopping by!

5 years 2 months ago

Wonderful review Crista!! Love AS's Anti-Hero's!!!!

5 years 2 months ago

Her hero's are definitely a guilty pleasure Crista 🙂

Crista W.
5 years 2 months ago

Thanks Dorsey! I can never get enough of Stuart's anti-heroes! I'm not sure what that says about me, but I love them!!!