The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan Paula Quinn

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What it’s about
New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn continues her Highland Heirs series in this not-to-be missed novella.


Buchanan is no man’s property. She refuses to marry her family’s sworn
enemy-consequences be damned. She’d rather take a dagger to the brute
herself. Yet when a tantalizing-and infuriating-man from her past comes
to her rescue, Janet finds herself undeniably tempted by his hot, hungry


Notorious for
his prowess as a lover and a fighter, Darach Grant has only one goal in
mind: to defend his kin’s land from the impending siege of a hostile
clan. The last thing he needs is the delicious distraction of Janet
Buchanan-the only woman who can stir his ire as deeply as she warms his
blood. But Janet’s intended will stop at nothing to claim her, forcing
Darach to choose between surrendering his honor . . . or his heart.
Kathleen & Kristen’s Dual Review
What Worked
: Paula Quinn sure knows how to write a book with authentic  Scottish brogue, it REALLY added a lot to my
overall enjoyment of this story.
The banter between Darach and Janet was
fun to read.
I really liked that Darach was a poet
and a song writer. He also said some very romantic things that made me fall in
love with him.
The sensual chemistry between Darach and
Janet, I could REALLY feel the attraction they had for each other.
Janet and Darach’s story was a nice introduction and set-up for  this new series.
The witty banter between Janet and Darach.
They had a love/hate relationship that was very amusing, and made it a fun read.
I also loved that this was about the
third generation of the MacGregor and Grant clans from a series perspective,
and I think it’s fantastic that readers get to move on with this family. 
What Didn’t  Work
The ending was abrupt. I was expecting more, but the end came at 75%
on my Kindle which threw me for a loop. I was NOT ready for it to end at that
point, and thought there was going to be more.
A dramatic event towards the end of the book felt somewhat fabricated
and wrapped up too quickly. This might have been necessary because of the
book’s length,  but  I wish the author would have considered giving
this deserving couple a full length novel. Janet  and Darach’s story didn’t reach its full
Best Scene(s) and/or Quote(s)
: I really enjoyed the scene when Darach realized that Janet had been
sleeping in his bed chamber after he had been gone from Ravenglade for a while.
It was funny reading how Janet tried to explain the letters that Darach had
found in his chamber that she had written about him.
Janet heard someone playing a lovely
tune on the bagpipes only to find that it was Darach who was playing them.
There was a very dramatic event
involving Janet at the end which really affected Darach. Then what he did after
that was a very exciting part of the book!
When Janet realizes that Darach has returned to the castle and she
needs to move back to her own room. It was a fun scene to read and I grinned the
whole time.
I also loved this scene and banter between
the two of them! 
“How d’ye know there are twenty-six
Menzies in their camp,” she asked him. How could he possibly know for certain?
“Or where their camp is exactly?”
 “I counted them.” He glanced up when their
cook, Kevin, her cousin twice removed, entered the Great Hall. “Ye…” He wasn’t
just an arrogant fool, but also a mad, arrogant fool.
“Ye counted them?” she asked him, almost
speechless. She cast her gaze to Will.
“Aye,” Darach told her, “this mornin’
while they slept.”
He was mad… or utterly fearless and
possibly able to get them out of this. “Why did ye not kill them all then?”
as skilled a fighter as I am, I canna’ kill twenty-six men at once. Really,
Miss Buchanan, plans must be made before an attack.” He cast her brother an
impatient look, then returned his gaze to her. “Ye will bring m’ plans to ruin
if ye try anything foolish.”
 She wanted to shout at him that she didn’t
care about his plans. It was her life to be sacrificed to a bleating goat. Was
she supposed to entrust her life to a man she’d met all but two times, and both
times, he was beaten to a bloody mess? He could barely defend himself, let
alone her and a castle. She was afraid.

Favorite Character(s)
: My favorite character was Darach. I thought the fact that he was a
poet, a song writer and could play musical instruments  was a refreshing character trait. Of course,
he was also a fearsome warrior and always ready to defend and keep his loved
ones safe. He was sexy, good in bed, and said some really romantic things which
added to his overall appeal. In my eyes he was the perfect Highland hero.
Janet…she was feisty, strong-willed but yet vulnerable, the perfect
blend for a heroine.
Darach…he was a full-fledged warrior
with the heart of a poet.  At times it embarrassed
him, but I loved his hard edges along with soft side. 
Overall Thoughts
: The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanon grabbed my attention from start to finish.  For a it had a pretty jam-packed story line. Even
though Darach was my favorite character I also LIKED Janet too. She was smart,
brave, strong and faced her fears head on. I could easily feel the attraction
these two had for each other. Paula Quinn didn’t disappoint with the heat level
either. These scenes were spicy and written very well, just the way I like them.
There were also a few action scenes that added excitement.
It’s been a while since I last read a book by
Paula Quinn and  after reading this book
I can honestly say that I’ve been missing out. I now feel the need to read more
of her excellent Scottish romances.  ~  4
I really enjoyed this novella, it had a lot of depth , humor and characterization
considering the length of the book.  However,
I think Janet and Darach were a little short changed, they deserved to have
their full story told, which in a way it was and sort of wasn’t.  The book did focus on their relationship and
not so much on what went on with the secondary characters, which I appreciated,
but because I enjoyed these two so much I wanted more. Maybe a short epilogue
would have done the trick and satisfied my need to know more….a little peek
into the future. 
One thing I would recommend is that
readers brush up on the past history of these families so you don’t find
yourself confused as to who is related to who. There is a family tree in the
beginning of this book which you can reference and it’s a great tool to refresh
your memory, it certainly helped me.
, The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan  was delight to read and I am very much
looking forward to jumping back into clan life with the Grants and MacGregors!  ~  3.5 Stars!
copy of the book was provided by the author and Grand Central Publishing via
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