Turn up the Heat (Second Chances #1) by Serena Bell

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What it’s about
Aspiring chef Lily McKee noticed Kincaid Graves the first time he walked into the dingy diner where she waits tables. With his ice-blue eyes and primal tattoos, his presence puts Lily on edge—and reminds her of all the unfulfilled longings she isn’t pursuing while she’s stuck in this dead-end job. Without a doubt, the man is dangerous to her long-term plans of leaving town and hiring on at a real kitchen—and yet, she hungers for him, if even for just a taste.
Kincaid didn’t come back to his coastal Oregon hometown looking for a good time or a good meal. The ex-con has a score to settle, old wrongs to set right. But Lily, equal parts innocence and insight, brings out an impulsive side of him he thought he’d left behind in the past. And it only takes one intense moment of weakness between them to make him consider the possibility of an entirely new future—and the promise of passion beyond either of their wildest dreams.

Dorsey’s  Review
2.5 Stars! 

Lily is lost soul trying to start over after losing her job, apartment and boyfriend all at once. She decides to stay away from men so she won’t get hurt or lose anything else, but the minute she sees Kincaid all that goes out the window. Kinked is just out of jail and looking for revenge, women were not in the mix, but something about Lily makes him want more. 
Their chemistry is off the charts good, and the emotions are real. They’re both overcoming hurt and loss, it’s a bumpy road, but one that does lead to an HEA.
I liked, but didn’t love Turn Up the Heat. I found the story a little slow, and the characters had a tendency to reflect far too often, and that’s where the book would lose my attention . This wasn’t a bad book, and the story line was good, but it just felt like it was lacking something. 
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