Under The Covers (Maverick Montana #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

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What it’s about
Opposites don’t attract. They ignite.

The small Montana town near the Kooskia reserve seemed like the perfect place
for Juliet Montgomery to hide from her not-so-law-abiding family. But when her
peace is shattered by a break-in and threatening phone calls, it’s clear
someone back in New York knows where she is. It’s time to plan her getaway, and
fast—but first, she needs to tie up a few loose ends. Namely, finding out
exactly what the town’s sexy cowboy sheriff is hiding in his holster…

Sheriff Quinn Lodge has enough demons of his own to know when someone’s hiding
something. Clearly, he needs to do a thorough investigation to uncover what’s
beneath Juliet’s uptight, city-girl exterior—preferably one piece of clothing
at a time. But when their chemistry goes from fizzy to full-on explosive,
things start getting complicated. How can Juliet stay beneath the covers with
Quinn, when doing so means blowing her cover?

Dorsey’s Review
4 Smokin’
Hot Sexy Sheriff Stars!!!

Sheriff Quinn Lodge is a calm, cool, sexy, kind, and considerate, not to mention alpha, bad ass!! Juliet is strong, independent, fun and kind if snarky. Their
mutual attraction has been building for months and what starts as a favor, her
agreeing to act as his girlfriend to ward off an unwanted admirer with
political ties and therefore avoid crossing some political higher ups (it’s
election time for the sexy sheriff), in exchange he’ll let her slid on the rent
her Art Gallery is housed in until her big upcoming art exhibit.

The very thin line of no bodily contact Juliet insisted on, was blown all to
hell as soon as he kissed her… he kisses her hard & deep!…their first
sexual encounter had me laughing out loud once the deed was done!!!

Unfortunately, Juliet is running from her past and eventually it catches
up with her and, as with Sophie in Against the Wall, the whole
community (not to mention the Lodge/Freeze Clan) rally around her and engulf
her in their fold.

I just have to mention that there is a love scene that takes place in the rain, which will have you panting and wishing this sexy sheriff belonged to you!!! 

I’m looking forward to Colt & Melanie’s book, Rising Assets, released later this
month. Hopefully there will be a 4th book featuring Dawn & Hawk? Keeping
my fingers crossed, Rebecca Zanetti!!!!

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