Unexpected Hero (Southern Seas Series #2) by Gwendoline Ewins

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What it’s about
1866: Charity Trescothick and Sebastian Churnside have been acquainted with one
another forever but when disaster strikes and he sails to her aid, they
discover how wrong they have been. Sebastian is much more than an aloof
businessman, Charity is far more than a dutiful daughter.

Charity’s father, Reverend Trescothick, is dying. He sees Sebastian’s arrival
as the answer to his prayers for her security and connives at their marriage.
He succeeds, but the question is, will these two people, scarred by childhood
tragedy, marry for his sake alone or will tenderness and passion set their
marriage alight.


Kathleen’s Review
~ 5 Stars
~ 5 Stars
~ 5 Stars
~ 5 BIG Stars
~ 2.75 Stars
Ending ~ 4.5
Rating ~ 5 HUGE STARS!
This is the second book I’ve read by
author Gwendoline Ewins and I can honestly say she does an EXCELLENT job of
penning a very romantic historical book. 
It took me a few pages to get into the story, but after that I was
totally hooked.  First off, I loved the
setting; it took place on a small Polynesian Island called Makatea. Gwendoline
use of descriptive words had me totally envisioning the island, the people and
their way of life. 
The story line was very well done and it
had many moments that touched my heart. There were some sad times for the in
the beginning for the heroine, Charity, and I LOVED how the hero, Sebastian,
was there for her in her time of need. Their relationship did not start right away
and as a matter of fact Charity did not have a good opinion of him at first. As
they got to know each other she realized just how wrong her thinking was. I
loved reading how they became friends, then lovers. Their everyday life on
Makatea was a joy to read about. 
I felt both Charity and Sebastian were well
thought out characters. I LOVED them and enjoyed reading how much their
relationship grew over the course of this book.
The thing that grabbed me most about
this book was the way the romance was done. Some of the things that were said
and done between Charity and Sebastian took my breath away, positively lovely! 
There were many of loves scenes as these
two became closer, but the details were left mostly to our imagination. Despite
this, I have to say, the sensuality was definitely there. I really felt the
love these two had for each other growing as the pages turned.
Of course every good romance has to have
a misunderstanding or two. The big misunderstanding came near the end of the
book, and happily it did not get too out of hand before all was explained and
The ending was indeed a very happy one, I
was grinning ear to ear and I really did sigh as the book came to a conclusion.
The only thing I felt was missing was an epilogue. Not having an epilogue did
not affect the way this book made me feel about it, but it would have really
been lovely if we could have had just a glimpse into Charity and Sebastian’s
Those of you who LOVE reading historical
romances, I URGE you to give this book a try. I’m sure you will not be
copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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