Win by Submission by Melynda Price

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What it’s about
To win her heart, he’ll be in for the fight of his life.
After an illegal kick during a CFA title fight fractures Cole Easton’s spine, doctors say there’s nothing more they can do for the bitter Vegas fighter. They say it’s a miracle he can walk, if that’s what you call his crutch-dragging limp. Unwilling to give up on him, Cole’s manager sends the injured fighter to the best physical therapist he knows: his niece, Katie Miller. When Cole arrives in the small town of Somerset, Wisconsin, he quickly discovers his sly manager may have had reasons other than rehab for sending him to this frozen tundra.
After a year of running from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Katie has returned to her hometown to care for her father, who’s recovering from a stroke. When Uncle Marcus calls in a favor, she reluctantly finds herself taking on a rancorous MMA fighter, broken at the height of his career. He’s insanely sex-on-a-stick hot—and everything she loathes in a man.
If Cole thinks his fighting days are over, he’s dead wrong. To save Katie from her past and to win her heart, he’ll be in for the fight of his life.

Release date: April 28th

 Steffi’s Review
3 stars!
When Cole Easton gets injured during a CFA title fight, his whole life falls apart. Not expecting to walk again, there is no thinking about ever being able to start fighting once more. His manager is not about to give up so easily, though, and sends Cole into the capable arms of his physical therapist niece, Katie.
Katie knows what Cole needs and she is certain she can get him back into shape. Getting the ex-fighter to cooperate though, is another matter, especially when he keeps sending her those hot looks. Katie has a dangerous past and is still dealing with the trauma. Everything is catching up to her quicker than she thought but Cole is willing to protect Katie with everything he’s got.
I am always in for a good fighter romance and was looking forward to Win by Submission. Unfortunately, I felt the fighting aspect, as well as the process of going through the physical training and the huge strain it must have put on Cole, was left out. I was missing these aspects of Cole’s life when all I was getting were Katie’s problems and her struggles. While those were important as well and a significant part of the book and Cole’s and Katie’s relationship, I felt they took over the story and my interest waned slightly. At the same time, Melynda Price manages to make the story suspenseful, romantic and fun all at once. While Win by Submission wasn’t a hit with me, I will still check out the author’s next book and keep an eye on how the series develops.
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Renee B
4 years 10 months ago

Enjoyed reading your thoughts on this one. I really like the whole fighter trope…I have gotten hooked on it, so I might just have to check this one out.

4 years 10 months ago

Thanks for your comment, Renee, and sorry for the late reply! I love fighter stories as well which is why I was a little bit disappointed that the author didn't include more about the sport. If you manage to read the book, I would love to know your thoughts! Steffi